We have been on many bike rides. Of course Kristen started off as Hammy on her little bike. That bike was so heavy.

We often rode along the river, which was a pleasant ride, but had it’s share of adventure with young children along for the ride.

Tour De Friends is a compilation of all our best stories from our various bike rides rolled together into one fun adventure!


Stacks Are Part Of Learning Something New!

One day we were a bit too ambitious in our planned trip. This is the ride Kristen stacked into the ants’ nest and was just like City, dancing about trying to get the ants off her.

We saw it happen from a distance at first, and couldn’t work out what Kristen was doing. But we were soon at hand to see – yes, this was no ordinary dance!


We quickly joined in her ants dance and helped get all the ants off her. If only Chicky had been there to help out!

On a different ride, one of our young friends did stack on a dummy. Unlike City, she did have a little bit of a dummy spit. What else could be done after you stack on a dummy?!


Of course, there were plenty of stacks into the grass in those early learning days, but it was the monster BMX track that sent us on a new adventure – to the hospital for some stitches!

Ah, these things happen …


Like City says: “Stacks are just part of learning something new.”

Having Fun Together

Of course, playing together, getting some exercise and being out in the fresh air are always big incentives for going out on a bike ride together.

Packing a picnic on a sunny day and riding to the playground or along a river can be a great adventure for the family.

So pack a picnic and head out on your bikes …

And remember: Hammy has to put in a big effort wherever you ride, so cheer on your little Hammies and remember how hard they are working!

Enjoy Life’s Adventure!

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