Hot Air Ballooning

The Adventures Begin!

The first book in a series of children’s stories about Eumundi mouse and her friends introduces how the first friends meet in a hot air balloon. Eumundi is so excited to be flying in a hot air balloon, but the adventure turns out to be even bigger when the balloon accidentally takes off without its Pilot.

The very luxurious Julia, who has just met Eumundi, is aghast when she discovers the Pilot has been left behind, but Eumundi has everything under control… almost!

As often happens, the two mice soon get hungry. They look inside the picnic basket which is in the balloon with them. It is then they discover the ‘always hungry’ Hammy, who has already helped himself to most of the delicious delights.

The new friends get to know each other, as they enjoy the view and share what’s left of the food. Eventually they have to figure out how to land the balloon. A nearby farm has the perfect landing spot, and the friends manage a not so perfect landing! They soon meet the farmer and discover it is a ‘Farm Stay Holiday Farm’. The story ends where the next adventure begins, with the friends making plans to visit the farm.

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Farm Stay

Farm Feeding Fun

After discovering the Farm Stay Holiday Farm during their amazing Hot Air Balloon flight, Eumundi decides a farm visit would be a great adventure. She quickly invites her new friends to stay at the farm with her, and off they go.

In this first farm adventure, the friends arrive at feeding time, and it isn’t long before they are experiencing the fun and games of feeding time at the farm! Mud, milk, bread, slops, tractors, cows, pigs, ducks, chickens and new friends …. find out what these adventurers get up to at feeding time on the farm!

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Farm Fun

Feathers, Flowers and a Pig!

In this second farm adventure, the action and fun continues with Eumundi and Friends!

Following their amazing Farm Stay adventure, Eumundi and her friends have a good night’s sleep and are excited about their next day on the farm. Farmer Scott gives the friends freedom to explore the whole farm, and they excitedly head off on a new adventure.

Join Eumundi and Friends as they enjoy the farm, learn new skills, take on their fears and unite in victory to recapture the runaway pig.

This new farm adventure story is sure to delight kids of all ages!

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To The Zoo, WooHoo!

Adventures At The Zoo

After the friends’ exciting visit to the farm, Eumundi decides they should take their new friend, Chicky, to the zoo. Of course, this visit turns into quite an adventure!

The friends are delighted to meet a variety of animals, but they definitely get too close to some of them. What valuable lessons do the friends learn from the animals? Why are they swimming in the hand basin? And what food does Hammy think he’s missed out on?

Come along for an awesome visit to the zoo with Eumundi and her friends…. WooHoo!

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Cake Chaos

Chocolate Cake Fun

After all the excitement of the day at the zoo, the friends work up quite an appetite. They decide their next adventure will be in the kitchen baking a chocolate cake!

The friends get more than a little bit messy while they are baking. They cover the kitchen and themselves in all sorts of ingredients.

Join the friends in this scrumptious adventure, as they have fun baking a chocolate fudge cake. (Yes, the recipe is included – Yum!) Are you ready for chaos?!

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Tour De Friends

Bikes, Buddies and Bumps

It’s a beautiful day for a bike ride. The bikes are ready, the cake is packed and it’s time to go. The friends are off and racing!
They conquer the hill climb, master the monster BMX track and enjoy the thrills and spills of the ride. City is eager to stay in the lead, but what has him dancing instead of riding?
Come on Tour with the friends and discover what mischief occurs when Eumundi and her friends are at the wheel.

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Flying Food Feast

An Edible Adventure

Are you hungry for an edible adventure? The friends are eating out! Come join Eumundi and Friends for this epic meal, where the chef cooks in front of them and serves up with flair.

This adventure is full of flames, fun, and flying food. As the friends attempt to catch their food and eat with chopsticks, their laughter bcomes contagious.

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Thanksgiving With friends

The Turkey, The Feast, The Pilgrims and The Mayflower

Thanksgiving takes on a new dimension when Eumundi mouse organizes the day’s activities for Dakota, the American black-footed ferret, who is visiting Down Under.

Having no idea what to do, Eumundi’s resaerch brings the friends to the brink of disaster, as they set sail on the high seas, as pilgrims on the Mayflower! Just as well the turkey is well prepared for the feast!

Paperback and Kindle Books Available

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