We had a flying food feast one year when we took Kristen to a Teppanyaki restaurant for her birthday.

Kristen could not quite believe it when I told her we were going to a place where they throw food at you for your dinner!

Kristen thought, “Hmm I will be standing against a wall wearing a black garbage bag and someone will throw food at me … whatever I catch, I get to eat!”

She was pleasantly surprised to find it wasn’t as she had imagined!


It was a great evening of much laughter.

I did not even have to pay the chef extra to send food flying onto Rosemary …

Each of us had a bowl packed with fried rice thrown to us to catch, but when it came to Rosemary’s turn, the rice was sent through the air without a bowl – just like Hammy!

Rapid fire omelette is always a favourite – the chefs can chop the egg up so fast, and send it flying in any direction they chose!

We figure it’s going to happen in life that at some stage, you’re going to get egg on your face – so you may as well be having fun when it happens!


We have since had many fun meals at a variety of teppanyaki restaurants, and always enjoy the entertainment, as well as the yummy food.

So now you can join in on the flying food fun with us …

Feast on this latest fun adventure from Eumundi and Friends – Flying Food Feast!