Thanksgiving Quiz Answers

We hope you enjoyed the quiz! Here are the answers!



1. How do you pronounce the name Eumundi?

– c. You-MUN-dee (practice it a few times, so it’s easy to say!)


2. What type of animal is Eumundi?

– b. Mouse (she is a very adventurous mouse!)


3. The special guest in this book is a

– d. Ferret (he is a black-footed ferret!)


4. What is the name of the boat the pilgrims used to cross to the New World?

– a. Mayflower


5. What does Julia ask Eumundi if she should bring on their adventure?

– b. Rain coat and life jacket (well, it pays to be prepared, because you never know where Eumundi’s adventures might take you!)


6. How many days did the pilgrims take to cross to the New World?

– c. 66 (that’s more than 2 months on a boat!)


7. The authors of Thanksgiving With Friends are a father and ? team.

– a. Daughter (cool, hey?! They have a great time writing stories as a family!)


8. Where is Dakota from?

– d. America (I hope you got this one right!)


9. What is the subtitle of the book?

– b. The Turkey, the Feast, the Pilgrims and the Mayflower (yep, it’s all about Thanksgiving!)


10. Which of these Thanksgiving foods is the most popular today?

– a. Turkey (but in our story, the turkey has a fun role!)


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