Thanksgiving Book Quiz Answers


Thank you for taking our Thanksgiving With Friends Readers Quiz! You are now entered into our PRIZE DRAW – Good luck!thanksgiving_with_friends

And now … (drum roll) … here are the answers:


1. At the start of the story, how many Thanksgivings has Eumundi already celebrated?

– a. 0 (This will be her first Thanksgiving, so before the start of the story, she hasn’t celebrated any Thanksgivings!)


2. When the friends walk into the kitchen, what do they see on the counter?

– d. Turkey (of course, every Thanksgiving needs a turkey!)


3. What does Dakota say is his favourite food?

– b. Pizza (Yum!)


4. What do the friends decide to do with the turkey?

– d. Let it stay inside for the day (This turkey gets pardoned, just like the one at the White House!)


5. What job is Hammy given?

– c. Mash pumpkin (This is trickier than it sounds … for a hamster!!!)


6. Who helps Hammy out of the pie case?

– b. City and Dakota (Such kind friends!)


7. The friends’ boat is an exact replica of the Mayflower.

– b. False (It was the best Eumundi could find – at least it was a boat!)


8. What do City and Dakota repair the mast with?

– d. Chewing gum and tape (Very creative thinking, Eumundi!)


9. Who remembers the pies are in the oven?

– c. Julia (Good job, Julia!)


10. What do the friends smell when entering the house after their adventure on the Mayflower?

– c. Warm pumpkin pie, seeds, cheese, and pizza (Mmmmmm, smells GOOD!)


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