Hot Air Ballooning


The Adventures Begin!

The first book in a series of children’s stories about Eumundi mouse and her friends introduces how the first friends meet in a hot air balloon. Eumundi is so excited to be flying in a hot air balloon, but the adventure turns out to be even bigger when the balloon accidentally takes off without its Pilot.

The very luxurious Julia, who has just met Eumundi, is aghast when she discovers the Pilot has been left behind, but Eumundi has everything under control… almost!

As often happens, the two mice soon get hungry. They look inside the picnic basket which is in the balloon with them. It is then they discover the ‘always hungry’ Hammy, who has already helped himself to most of the delicious delights.

The new friends get to know each other, as they enjoy the view and share what’s left of the food. Eventually they have to figure out how to land the balloon. A nearby farm has the perfect landing spot, and the friends manage a not so perfect landing! They soon meet the farmer and discover it is a ‘Farm Stay Holiday Farm’. The story ends where the next adventure begins, with the friends making plans to visit the farm.



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