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Hot Air Ballooning: The Adventures Begin

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1. What is the shape of Eumundi’s hot air balloon?

– c. A cheese wheel (Well, she is a mouse, after all!)


2. Who bought the balloon trip for Julia?

– a. Her cousin City and his friend Pazza (You can meet City in Farm Stay, when he comes along for the adventure!)


3. How many sandbags were on the balloon in total?

– b. 4 (The 2 that the friends emptied out and watched the sand float to the ground, and the 2 they used to help land the balloon)


4. What is the farmer’s name?

– a. Scott (Scott is a real person! We loved visiting his farm stay holiday farm!! Our farm stories are based on the things we did while we were visiting his farm – SO much fun! You can read more about this in our books Farm Stay, Farm Fun and in our behind the scenes blogposts!)


5. What type of nut is Hammy holding when he meets Eumundi and Julia?

– c. Walnut (Hammy likes all nuts, but walnuts are his favourites!)


6. What sort of cheese does Eumundi give to Julia?

– d. Brie (Julia has quite refined tastes, and this is definitely Julia’s favourite cheese!)


7. Where will the friends be going for their next adventure?

– a. A farm stay holiday (What fun! Check out our story … Farm Stay)


8. What does Hammy do when he finds out they have to let out some hot air to go down?

– c. He farts!!! (Oh … Hammmmyyyyy! – well, at least he was trying to be helpful! … or maybe he was just a little nervous about getting the balloon down!)


9. What food does Hammy bring to celebrate the safe landing?

– d. A bunch of grapes (a nice healthy option for a celebration!)


10. What car does Eumundi drive to the balloon field?

– b. A red convertible (Yes, Eumundi has a couple of different vehicles … you’ll have to wait until To The Zoo, WooHoo! to see her other vehicle!)


For Discussion:  We are sure you have some great ideas already, and here are a few we thought of:

11. What are some things Julia and Hammy might have talked about while they were sitting eating? (Remember: they just met!)

– Maybe they introduced themselves and told each other a little bit about themselves, their favourite things, and so on, since they just met, and they are getting to know each other.

– How did Hammy end up in the picnic basket?!

– They might have discussed how they were going to land the balloon safely!


12. What are some ways you can choose to see your life as an ‘adventurous journey’?

– Jump out of bed in the morning and shout, “WooHoo!” just like Eumundi! This will give you a great start to your day, and fill you with all sorts of energy to have an amazing day!

– Problems can be viewed as opportunities to have an adventure and learn something new!

– Keeping a great attitude always helps you see another perspective in any situation.


13. How can you make the most of opportunities that come your way?

– Be prepared with a ‘can do’ attitude!

– When an opportunity comes up, take it and run with it (even if you don’t quite feel ready!)

– Even when you don’t have everything in place, getting started can open the way for you to do what you have in mind – you will figure out the rest as you go – just like the friends did in the balloon!


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