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Flying Food Feast

Flying Food Feast

1. Why does Julia wear a raincoat to the restaurant?

– b. She’s worried about getting food on her fur


2. What does Julia decide when she is worried about getting messy?

– d. To take Eumundi’s advice and enjoy everything she does, even if she does get messy


3. Why does Eumundi call the restaurant?

– c. To get someone to open the door


4. What does the waiter say to Eumundi when they arrive?

– d. Nothing


5. Who did not get to whack a prawn?

– a. Chicky


6. How did City react to the raw egg splatting on him?

– c. He thought it was just a bit of fun and cleaned himself off


7. Which friends had egg on their face?

– d. All the friends


8. How did Hammy get to eat his rice?

– c. With his paws


9. Has Eumundi been to this restaurant before?

– a. Yes


10. What does the chef write on the grill?

– d. Thank you


For Discussion

11. What are some ways you can decide not to worry about the future, but just enjoy what you are doing right now?

– It’s often true that when we worry about the future, we make it seem a lot worse than it actually turns out to be (like Julia worrying about getting messy at the restaurant).

– When we decide to enjoy everything that we are doing, and get the most out of every day, a lot of the things we may have wasted time worrying about never actually happen! So just enjoy today!


12. Sometimes we need to find new solutions for a problem.

When Hammy had trouble using the chopsticks, what were some ways he managed to eat?

– Hammy tried to use his chopsticks but it was very tricky for him. When one of his chopsticks went flying, he tried shovelling the rice with the other chopstick, but found that very unsatisfying, so he ended up eating the rice with his paws!

– When he was having trouble eating the prawn, Eumundi helped out and lowered it into Hammy’s mouth for him! Teamwork and helping your friends out is always a good way to overcome challenges!


13. Do you have a problem you need to find a new solution for?

Brainstorm some ideas that might provide a new solution (no idea is a bad one – just write them all down!)

– Sometimes we can get a bit stuck when we have a problem that we can’t seem to fix. Sometimes the best way through is to write down as many different ideas, and out of some of the craziest ideas, we just might find our solution!! Have fun!


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