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Farm Stay: Farm Feeding Fun

Farm Stay: Farm Feeding Fun


And now, here are the answers!


1. Who is City?

-d. Julia’s cousin (He’s the one, along with his mate Pazza, who bought the Hot Air Balloon ride for Julia, where she met Eumundi)


2. Farmer Scott says Chicky is so …

-b. Cheeky!!


3. What time does feeding start at the farm?

-c. 4 pm (This is a perfect time of the day for feeding on the farm – like an evening meal before the animals sleep at night!)


4. What does Julia throw at Eumundi?

-a. Bread (It was the first thing available to her! When we were on the farm, it was always fun to throw bread at each other – especially at Duck Island! … and there were times Farmer Scott or whoever else was milking the cows would spray a bit of milk at anyone who was close enough!)


5. Who drinks from the calf’s bottle?

-b. Hammy and the calf (Oh, HAMMY!)


6. Why does Chicky decide to run behind the trailer?

-c. She has seen the ride before and knows what the friends are in for (The trailer ride was always a highlight of feeding time. Some people (us included) had a goal to get as much mud on us as possible, so we stood right behind the tractor wheels, and got sprayed – especially good on the wet weather feeding times! Bob, Farmer Scott’s dog always ran along side the trailer, and definitely kept up better than Chicky!)


7. How many children have already fallen in the water at Duck Island?

-d. 24 (Because the next one to fall in will be child number 25! Yes, Farmer Scott actually kept a tally of how many children and adults had fallen in the water, and that was the true tally one time when we were visiting!!!)


8. Who is second to cross the plank to Duck Island?

-a. City (He was so keen to copy Eumundi!)


9. How many ducks can you count in the illustrations throughout the book?

-d. 13 (Did you see them all?)


10. Why does Julia not mind so much that her fur is so dirty?

-d. All of the above (Julia had a great time on the farm, and got to do lots of fun things! If she had stayed clean, she probably would have missed out on some of the fun activities!)


For Discussion

11. How does Eumundi ‘help’ the friends to get involved in the farm activities?

– She is enthusiastic about everything she does, is the first in – leading by example, and takes extra care to make sure all the friends start feeding time with a ‘drink’ of milk!

– Farmer Scott loved to get people involved on the farm – no spectators!

This included:

– having a chicken on your head during baby chicken patting time

– everyone was encouraged to have a go at milking the cow and feeding the calf and other cows, which of course included getting milk and/or slobber on your hands!

– the famous tractor ride was always a muddy ride

– there are endless ways to get involved (and dirty) on a farm!


12. Why is getting dirty all part of the fun on the farm?

– Farms have plenty of mud, animals and outdoor activities … all of which will make a person dirty when they get involved in the farm activities! … and getting involved is the best way of having fun!!


13. How can you make the most of every day?

– Get involved – be a person who takes part in as much as you can, don’t just stand by and watch. Take the challenges and opportunities that come your way every day, because when you do, the new journey this takes you on can be exciting and fun!

– Another way you can make the most of every day is to set some goals of things you would like to achieve. They can be little things or big things, but if you set them as goals and start taking action to achieve them, then you can make the most of every day!


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