Eumundi is pronounced “You-MUN-dee”. The “Eu” part is just the same as Europe … and “mundi” is a bit like Monday, but with dee instead of day!!!

Eumundi Mouse is the central character of the books. She hails from the town of Eumundi, a small hinterland town in the state of Queensland, Australia. She is quite boisterous and bold but most of all adventurous. Never standing still, she is always looking for the next adventure.

Adventurous Girl. Leader. Confident. Very intelligent. Cheeky. Playful. Mischievous. Bold. Lively. Fearless. Warm. Friendly. Outgoing. Blunt. Direct personality. She has lots of friends, who she always takes on crazy adventures and outings. She is not worried about what others think of her – she’s always up for the adventure.




Julia is a rather posh mouse – well-groomed and very particular. She likes everything to be in order and well organized. Despite this, there’s something about Eumundi’s adventures that she can’t resist – maybe it’s the thrill of the unknown!

Elegant Girl. Luxurious. Posh. Well-groomed. Details are very important to her. Neat. Says: “Oh, my my my!” when things get out of hand! Doesn’t like mess or childish behavior in others. Sensible …. But she still enjoys going on Eumundi’s adventures!




Hammy is a small hamster and is extremely fond of food. As long as food is at around, Hammy is sure to be found.

Young boy hamster. Childish. A bit clumsy. Cute. Clueless at times. But he is super cute in his naiveté. Comical. Loves his food. This little hamster is lovable and just plain entertainingly silly!

In the Farm Stay story, we have 2 new characters joining the friends.



City is Julia’s young cousin. Like many young boys, he loves adventure and is full of energy and enthusiasm. He really looks up to Eumundi, in fact, he had to meet her after he heard from Julia about Eumundi’s antics in the Hot Air Balloon! He’s always ready for any adventure Eumundi might dream up, and you can be sure he’s in boots and all!

Young boy mouse. Happy. Full of energy. Excited about new adventures. Puts all his energy into whatever he does.



Chicky (or is that Cheeky?!) is a small chicken with a big attitude! She met the friends when they visited the farm, and was very excited when she was invited to join the friends on their adventures.

Young girl chicken. Adorably devious and playful. Quick witted. Manages to use her limited flying skills to get out of some sticky situations. Chicky is an incredibly adorable and lovable little chicken, and her silly antics just add to her cuteness.