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Cake Chaos - Chocolate Cake Fun

Cake Chaos – Chocolate Cake Fun


1. What ingredient gets dropped on the floor?

c. Flour (Oops!!!)


2. Eumundi says to Julia: “If you can’t do something on your own, you know you can always ……

b. Ask for help (It’s always good to ask for help when you are trying to do something that is hard for you to manage, or if you don’t know how … getting help often makes the job easier and more fun!)


3. How many eggs are required in the recipe?

d. 5 (Have you made the cake yet? It’s REALLY yummy!)


4. What are City and Hammy doing in the chocolate?

b. Beating the eggs (These boys need a bit more guideance in the kitchen, I think!)


5. Which two friends tip the cake mixture from the bowl into the cake tin?

a. City and Julia (… and Eumundi spread it in the tin … and Hammy tasted it(?!) … Good teamwork, everyone!)


6. Which temperature is hotter?

a. 180 C is hotter (You need the oven at 356 F to be at the same temperature!)


7. Who is first to eat the cake that dropped on the floor?

b. Hammy (… Well, the cake he ate didn’t actually touch the ground … because there were yummy clumpy bits sticking up that he just couldn’t bear to throw in the bin!)


8. Why does Chicky arrive so late?

d. She was catching worms (A delicacy enjoyed by most chickens when they get the chance!)


9. Why is Eumundi so proud of Julia?

b. She decides to step out of her comfort zone and try the not-so-perfect cake (She was pleasantly surprised that it tasted just the same, even though it looked different!)


10. Where do the friends take some of their cake?

a. On a bike ride (What fun!!! Have your read the story yet? It’s called Tour De Friends!)


For Discussion

11. Describe a time when you have had lots of fun, even though you got really messy. (or maybe it was fun because you got messy?!)

Cooking can definitely be one of those times! There are lots of activities that are messy and fun – playing outside, going for bushwalks, visiting a farm, craft activities, jumping in puddles … what’s your favourite messy fun activity?


12. What are some ways we can look past the outside to see the beauty inside people?

Our eyes judge things very quickly, but sometimes we need to go a bit deeper to find out what’s inside, so we can realise it’s all made of the same good stuff!

This is certainly the same with people – we need to take time to get to know them instead of passing judgement based only on what they look like. We close off amazing friendships when we judge too quickly by what people look like, or what they do and don’t have.

Lots of people are AMAZING, and getting to know them opens up a whole new world of love and friendship to those who take the time to truly know and understand others. We need more of this to grow a better world.


13. What is your favourite thing to cook?

Chocolate cake? Roast dinner? Omlette for breakfast? Salad for lunch? What things do you like to cook?


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